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About Us

Is there anything more exquisite or indulgent than beautiful fresh flowers?

Is there anything more exquisite or indulgent than beautiful fresh flowers?

At Harrison’s artisan florist we do not think so.

In fact, the natural scent and beauty of fresh flowers makes our job easy. The right flowers can bring an exceptional and luxurious ambiance to any occasion. It is our passion to enhance this natural beauty, with skill gained through decades of professional floristry experience, in order to craft truly breathtaking floral arrangements. We pride ourselves in providing the unique sparkle your event needs. We are an team of expert, and highly qualified florists based in Stanford le Hope, the perfect location to provide occasions and events throughout London, Essex and the South East with beautiful floral arrangements

Harrison Artisan Florist

We at Harrison’s Artisan Florist, are dedicated to the art of ethical floristry. We are highly considerate of the impact our industry is having on the world and offer a choice of construction methods and designs to reduce this as much as possible. Of course, we offer all the classic designs that you will be familiar with, however, alongside these, we also offer a range of eco-friendly designs to satisfy both you and the planet. We have a unique range of environmentally conscious, totally biodegradable designs that are fully compostable into the soil, leaving no waste product. We are also able to use a construction that will break down naturally over time. On top of this, we pride ourselves on using locally sourced materials and recycled products wherever possible, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. It is important to us that our beautiful floral arrangements are as eco-friendly as possible, ensuring we all can enjoy the exquisite beauty of flowers for years to come.

We offer a range of styles to complement your floristry needs. Whatever your tastes, be it the classic beauty of a rose, or the chic modernity of the contemporary vase, from bright-toned arrangements to pastel hue bouquets, we can create gorgeous designs individually tailored to your specifications. We also have an extensive range of expertly curated designs to choose from in our gallery. We are able to cater to any special occasion. Whether you are looking for funeral flowers or the perfect wedding bouquet, tribute flowers, or a festive Christmas door wreath, we will be able to create a bespoke design that is perfect for you and your needs.

Harrison Artisan Florist offers a fully personalised design service where we work with you to create individual designs to fulfil your specific needs. Or you can feel free to leave it to the experts: we also provide a gorgeous range of pre-designed floral arrangements that will still astound. We specialise in:

  • Funeral and Tribute flowers
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly designs
  • Sympathy flowers
  • Christmas door wreaths
  • Gifts and corporate designs
  • Wedding flowers and more

Whether your style is contemporary or classic, environmentally friendly or traditional, allow our years of skill and experience to craft the ideal floral design for you. We cannot wait to enhance your special occasion with the breathtaking allure of flowers.


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Custom Made Flower Arrangements

Flowers Made To Order

If you have a wedding or event and need flowers, we are on hand to help! Our custom flower arrangements are tailored to your event. Contact us today for a phone quotation.

Corporate, Events

Harrison Artisan Florist provides flowers and arrangements for Corporate, Events & Parties. Let us know what is needed, and we will deliver.


No one like arranging a funeral, but it has to be done. One thing we can do to help us understand your needs and create stunning flower arrangements.


It is time to rejoice and celebrate, and our unique flower arrangements will light up any room. Talk with our trusted staff about how we can help with your wedding flowers.


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