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Bullguard is a robust security suite that covers all basics. It’s not as feature-rich as the competition but it’s a great package for those seeking to get a more value from their antivirus software. It also does a great job with resources, avoiding large system loads, while also offering various alternatives to help reduce the burden when needed.

The program launches with an open-ended hub that has an organized layout of its modules. They include antivirus, firewalls and PC tune-ups, games boosters and home network scanners. Those looking to monitor their system for https://softwareindigo.com/in-2022-virtual-data-room-solutions-are-expected-to-shake-up-the-legal-sector/ vulnerabilities will appreciate the “Vulnerabilities” section that will alert them of things like missing Windows updates autostart services, and open ports. Gamers will find the “Game Booster” feature helpful, since it will detect when you’re playing, and will automatically optimize your system.

In our tests, we found that bullguard was highly efficient in preventing malware infection and was comparatively low in system resources compared to most competing products, especially in terms of CPU usage. We noticed, however, that the background antivirus processes took up a lot of RAM, particularly when running on computers with a small memory. Furthermore, some elements of the hub application appeared blurred on high-resolution displays.

Bullguard’s Premium Protection subscription offers a mobile component that provides security against theft, parental controls and basic backup capabilities to your smartphone or tablet. The app is a bit basic and does not include some vital features, like webcam security or shredders of files. Additionally, support for phones is only offered via live chat and email.

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