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Saying goodbye to a friend or loved one is one of the saddest and most emotional of times. For generations throughout the world it has become customary to express this heartfelt loss with flowers either for the bereaved family to keep at home to express your sympathy, or to send to the funeral as way of respect and love, or to represent a life that was. There are no rules to follow as to the type of design or choice of flowers that you send, but of course you want something that is appropriate and expresses your emotion as words cannot. We offer an exquisite range of designs in a choice of construction techniques from the familiar favourites through to the unique and extraordinary, in fact if you have a specific idea in mind, we can usually create it in flowers. We will use locally sourced and recycled materials wherever possible and offer a beautifully natural and innovative range of fully biodegradable and eco-friendly designs that are considerate to the environment.Funeral Flowers & Arrangements - Honouring Your Loved Ones The funeral flower tradition has been around since ancient times. Funerals in London were elaborately arranged with decorative vases full of sympathy flowers during the Victorian era, but now it's not just about showing how you feel; there is more than one meaning behind these beautiful arrangements!

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