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Board meeting software allows users to run a meeting efficiently, effectively, and productively. It offers a variety of features that improve governance and facilitate meetings such as digital boards with in-app editing agenda builders, a document centre to save essential organizational information, discussions forums for voting and file sharing. Many portals for board meetings also have video conferencing so that you can host virtual meetings.

To run a successful meeting the first step is to ensure that everyone is on board with the necessary preparations before the meeting starts. Announcing the agenda ahead of time is a good method to ensure this. A well-organized agenda will clearly outline the topics to be discussed and the time for each topic will be allocated. It should also list any other items the board may want to consider outside of the planned topics.

Remember that the primary purpose of a board meeting is to take decisions. The board should not be wasting time on minor issues. If there are important business issues that are not discussed within the parameters of an agenda, it’s an ideal idea for the board to open the floor for discussion at the end of the session to determine the next steps.

A reliable method of recording minutes is vital to have a successful board meeting. A great board management solution allows board secretaries to produce accurate, easy-to read minutes of meetings within a short time.


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