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Preparing for your board meeting is an essential process that can ensure an effective boardroom discussion. This preparation may seem overwhelming when you don’t practice it often, but it is worth the effort.

The chair of the board and CEO/executive Director should work together to develop the agenda several weeks before the date. Be aware of the expected attendance, the division and strategies to facilitate discussion. Create a list of chairpersons and directors who will be required to present their reports at the meeting. Give them a deadline for completing the report, and also outline the topics to be discussed at the meeting.

Make the meeting materials for the board including the meeting’s finalized agenda along with the financial and management reports committee reports, and previously completed minutes of the meeting. Then, distribute these documents to everyone who attended the meeting promptly. If your company has an online portal for board meetings for the distribution of materials for meetings, this procedure should be smooth.

Review any hot potato issues that have been identified and determine the best way for addressing them in the boardroom. By sharing https://boardmeetingsonline.blog/what-is-azeus-convene-software-and-how-does-it-actually-work these issues prior to the meeting, you can lower the chance that the meeting could turn into a finger pointing session and allow the board members to look at various options.

Confirm that any meeting equipment has been delivered and will be available at the time of the board meeting. Also, ensure that any catering arrangements are completed and are ready for pickup the day prior to the meeting.

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